Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Activities & Black Friday Shopping!

I'm back!!! :D!

I know I'm really late on this post, but it's better late than never, right?
This weekend is definitely going to be an crazy one. Today isThanksgiving which means... LOTS OF FOOD! YES! For a huge foodie like me, Thanksgiving is aweeeeeeeeesome! (haha) The Holidays are by far my favorite time of year. It's festive, bright, cold and warm at the same time! It's wonderful and a great time to share lots of laughter and smiles.

In NYC, the Macy's Thanksgiving parade is always a big event. It's a great activity to do with family and friends, but I definitely prefer to snuggle on my coach and watch it from the TV (lol). Did anyone go watch it in person this morning?

After (or for some, during) Thanksgiving is the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend! Lots of camping out at stores and shopping drama. I gathered a few iPhone apps I found that were rather helpful and hopefully will help you sort through all the chaos this weekend.

1. tgiBlackFriday by dealcatcher and xtransmogrify
This app makes finding popular deals easy to see and finding deals via stores and categories just as simple. There's a search option which makes trying to narrow down a deal even faster and you can add the items you want to keep an eye on in your easy-to-access list.

2. Black Friday by
I love this app! The layout is so simple and I love the look of it. When you first open the app, search by stores and categories icons are conveniently placed as well as all the different features in a handy left sidebar easily accessed by a tap of the menu icon on the top left. Search is also a feature that will help narrow down the list of ads to find what you want.

3. tgiCyberMonday
This app is by the same people of the first one. It works pretty much the same way except for CyberMonday deals.

What I love about these 3 apps are that they have the products' name, price, and picture clear for you plus a scan of the actual ad so you know these deals are real. Hopefully these apps help you through the chaos!

Lastly, here are my few personal tips to prep yourself for the Black Friday shopping rush:
- Use a big and light shoulder bag that has a zipper closure. Something like the Longchamp Le Pliage works best. One, you can fit a lot of what you buy in it. This will help when you're in a hurry to get out of the store or if you're shopping on foot. Two, the zipper closure will lessen the possibility of someone stealing your wallet or stuff. Three, the shoulder strap bag makes it easier on your shoulders and still gives easy access to your wallet. This is going to be gold when you're rushing in and out of stores.
- Carry a water bottle and snacks. Having some snacks will give you extra energy because it can get pretty hectic and tiring. You'll definitely need water, you'll be parched by the end of the spree.
- Keep wallets in check. If you're paying with cash, have your bills separate. Big bills together, small bills together, and a separate thing of change (if you really need it). If you're paying by cards, know which one you will use at which store.

Well that's my top tips! Oh and one more thing, GIRLS, wear a watch and a hair tie on your wrists. They'll come in handy!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! :D