Thursday, June 7, 2012

BookExpo Day 3: Last Day!

Hi all!

Oh man.. I think I pulled a few shoulder muscles and broke my left arm or something because my shoulders hurt so much and my left elbow joint feels like pins are poking at it (I don't know how I'm even typing.. the things I do for this blog -smh- lol). Anyway, today was the last day of BookExpo America! Considering this was my first year there, I think it was overall pretty darn AMAZING! Here's a few pics to share:

So today was a little crazy.. I got lost looking for my dentist's office, which made me late for my appointment and then I had to reschedule it. Meaning I went to the office for no reason (-.-), but yeah.. I really don't like the dentist :T Tell me, how an Asian girl can get lost in freaking Chinatown!? (LOL, fail much?) Anyway, I had to get a drink because it was just so hot out today! I stopped by a Chinese bakery and got my honey water w/ lemon (my fave!<3), then off I went, back to the Expo! Oh and there was some guy on the train with Champagne bottle balloons.. The pic's a little fuzzy because I didn't want to seem like a creep taking his picture.. (lol).

Today was a little different for me. Yesterday, I was there to help Life's Spring! Today, I was there as an editorial assistant! Yay :D I got my own badge, with my own name. Thanks to Terry Maloney (the great guy I met yesterday)! I was so proud ^.^ On the left, I took a pic of the Press private area. They had little tables set up, coffee, tea, water, cookies, brownies, strawberries, lemonade, some freebies, and computers for our use. It was pretty cool! On the right, I was waiting for the shuttle bus to leave. BEA organized shuttle buses that would drop you off at various hotels where most of the exhibitors and guests were staying. I took the one that dropped me off two streets from my house. Hooray for living in Manhattan!(;

Look at all the stuff I got!!!! I had to carry all of that home today. This is why my shoulders are so tense and my left arm feels broken! (lol.. ouches) But I do have some pretty cool stuff in this pile; maybe I'll review some books for you guys^^. Most of them are Advanced Reader or Review copies, so they might not be on the market yet (but will be soon)! And man.. when I got off the shuttle, it was starting to downpour. Thank God I was smart enough to pack an umbrella and that it was only two streets! 

Alrighty, well it's time for bed now^.^. Goodnight all!