Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Saturday Brunch: Alice's Tea Cup!

Hi all!

Today, my best girlfriends and I had a wonderful brunch/afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup (Chapter II, on the Upper East Side in Manhattan). Everything was so cute and so nice; we had soooooooo much fun! Birthday shout out to my girl, Amirah! Happy 21st Birthday, hun! Love ya! I won't say too much now, just wanted to share some pics with you guys ;) :

We had to wait an hour and a half for our table because we didn't have reservations. Tips: Make a reservation! They're very popular, especially on weekends, so you will have to wait a while, but it's sooo worth it! Also, if you have less than 6 in your party, go early! They only allow reservations for 6+ on weekends, weekdays are okay
On the left are the super cute mushroom earrings I found in Anna Belen, where we shopped while waiting for our table. They're so cute! I also got an adorable gold anklet with colorful beads and a little cloudy white butterfly clip. I'll share them next time ^^. The wall seats were beautiful with the soft purple pattern (I love purple!) and little purple cushions (so cute!).

I ordered the Bai Hao Oolong tea from Taiwan, which was delicious! And two of my girlfriends shared this afternoon tea set. It's adorable! It's a set for two; with 2 scones, eggs, yogurt with granola, and 2 pots of tea. You pick your own tea and they have an amazing collection of them. There are so many choices, it's unbelievable


My lovely Grilled Steak Salad was so yummy! I usually do not like those type of greens, but the dressing was a Sweet Chili sauce and it was so good that I ate most of the salad. I really couldn't finish this, it was so filling! My two other girls ordered the 'Alice's Hamburger' with goat cheese, which she claimed "blew her mind" and the BLT on pumpernickel, which was unique and very delicious (not to mention, all the bacon was cooked perfectly!). On the right are the 'Alice's Cookies' that I brought home for my family to enjoy. A few chocolate chip, sugar, vanilla with sprinkle, and cranberry & white chocolate. Very cute and pretty yummy (a little sweet for my taste though). 

Even though I was full from my salad, of course I had room for dessert! (haha..) First is the 'Queen of Hearts Lemon Tart', which was awesome! It was sweet from the berries and cream, but tangy and sour from the lemon.. so good.. (lol). On the right is the 'White Rabbit Dark Chocolate Mousse'. Anybody who loves chocolate would love this dessert! It was incredibly chocolatey and so sweet with a little bit of the crunchies from the sprinkles. 

Well that's all my wonderful pics to share. Our waitress was great and we stayed there, eating and chatting for hours (lol). It was an awesome brunch & we'll definitely go back again sometime(^.~). Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Have a great rest of the weekend, darlings!


  1. Great tips!! I really enjoyed reading this and the pictures came out awesome =D