Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopping Haul: TJ Maxx!

Hi all!

I'm leaving for Orlando, Florida on Saturday with my gfs! I can't believe our trips is finally here!! We began planning this trip in October, so we've really been anticipating this Saturday to come. We have most of our itinerary planned, but there are many things we want to do and so little time :( ! This is my first time in Orlando, so I'm starting to get really excited (though it hasn't fully sunk in yet). Since it's Summer and it will be very warm in Florida, I had to do a little shopping! So I took a little visit to TJ Maxx yesterday and I am now officially a Maxxinista! ;D Here's some pics of my little haul:

There were so many dresses, but I've never been a dress type of girl because I'm always so active, a dress is kind of inconvenient. But in Orlando, it'll be really hot so I decided to give the dresses a try. The first dress ($19.99), I really love the pattern of the skirt! I think it was supposed to come with a belt, but there wasn't one :(. The second piece ($24.99) is wearable as a skirt or a dress. I'm usually not big on these types of skirts/dresses because I'm not a skinny girl, but when I really liked it after I tried it on. It wasn't too short as a dress and the material is very soft and flowy. I did spend a lot of time pondering this one because it is more expensive than I wanted. 

The shirt ($14.99) is super cute! They had different patterns, but I chose this one because of it's light colors. The straps are adjustable and the bow is a nice touch. Perfect for work!(: To the right is the one piece that I knew I definitely was buying. They're dress pants ($14.99) that are flowy so it looks a little like a skirt! They're SUPER comfy and the little folding detail around the waist adds a touch of elegance. (Sorry for the not-so-good photos, it was terrible lighting.) 

I know these aren't clothes, but I really wanted to show you guys the ice cream pop thingies I got! It was only $6.99 and basically I can fill the top part with ice cream and freeze it so that I can have my ice cream on the cone or I can freeze juice and have a nice "ice cream" popsicle! :D

The treats on the right are for my best friend's dog. I love my Pazu baby to death, but they never buy him treats. I'm always the one buying and giving him treats. My poor baby.. he should live with me instead ;p. Next time I'll post a great pic I edited of him. He looks so cuuuuuute!^^

That's all for my first clothing shopping haul! I might go shopping again on Thursday morning or Friday night (right before the trip :p). I'll be taking you guys on the trip with me and keep you posted with lots of pics of my Orlando adventure! So stay tuned! 

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  1. Love the prints of your new pieces!!