Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gyu-Kaku: Japanese BBQ & Happy Hour!

Hi all!

Man, today was an eventful one. Went to Church meeting in the morning, proceeded to the park for the Church family picnic, then headed to the city for an early dinner/happy hour at Gyu-Kaku. Located on E6th Street and Cooper Square by St. Mark's, it's actually quite easy to miss. It's most definitely a hidden gem in the East Village. From 3PM to 6PM is their Happy Hour and all alcoholic drinks are 50% off (meaning about $5 a drink, instead of the usual $10) and many Happy Hour specials on food. They even have a separate menu for Happy Hour.. so awesome (lol). The staff was extremely nice, patient, and helpful. Our server, Karma, explained everything to us, including the menus, the grilling times, the sauces, the drinks, etc. He was just exceptional! It definitely contributed to our great time there.


There are many delicious things on the menu, but there are a handful that are must-tries. The Hanger Steak, the Bi Bim Bap, the Swai Fish, and the Rib-Eye Steak. Among the things we ordered, those were absolutely the most delicious. All the BBQ meat were marinated perfectly and even the sauce for the Swai fish was amazing! My friend ordered the liver, which she said was really good, but I wouldn't know because I hate liver (lol). 

The picture on the left is my fish.. the foil was blowing up so much and so quickly, I thought that it might actually blow up.. (lol). Thank God it didn't! And it tasted very delicious!^^

The girl with me in the picture on the right might look familiar to you because she was in my last post too! She ordered a drink called the Rainforest, which was very tropical-looking and tasted like pineapple (haha..) and I ordered the Lychee Bellini, which is basically lychee with sparkling wine or something like that. Both were very delicious and not too strong. I found that their drink menu had a pretty good range. Some drinks were pretty light, like the Strawberry Lemonade Vodka and others were much stronger, like their Espresso Float. Overall, I would definitely give this place a 5/5! Even during the regular dining hours, 6PM-9PM, the prices aren't too crazy, but it's most definitely worth it during Happy Hour! Make sure to get a reservation, just in case. A place with food this good and prices this inexpensive can fill up pretty quickly! I just felt a little bad for the other customers because the guys were getting so loud towards the end of our meal... (lol).

P.S. If you plan to go there often, you should get their rewards card. It's $1 for the card and basically you collect points on it. Every $1 is 2 points I think or was it every $2 is 1 point... something like that! (haha..)

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