Monday, May 28, 2012

A Mini Vacay: Staybridge Suites!

Hi all!

I'm so happy for the past couple of days because I was able to relax in a mini vacation. Sunday night, I left the city for a small potential leader retreat in Pennsylvania. Staybridge Suites was very nice and super relaxing! There weren't too many other guests so we were able to have the pool, basketball court, and patio for ourselves (hehe..). Here's some pictures ^.^:

God blessed us so much on this trip because our suites got upgraded like 3 times! Yayyyyyy :D

My room (that I shared with 3 of my girlies)! 

Pool & Jacuzzi! Wooot! Too bad the Jacuzzi wasn't open yet :(. But we had the whole pool to ourselves though, so I guess it kind of made up for it ;p We had 2 hours to ourselves to freely relax, so I hit the gym for a half hour. Gotta work off the tummy! x; 

My sandwich!!! :D The BEST everrr (lol). And below that is apparently the 'Manwich' (haha..) We had a great dinner with sandwiches, salad, clam chowder, pizza, & parmesan bread bites. So much food :3
After dinner, we had girls' night and the guys had their guys' night. Massages and masks, Yay! :D

Staybridge Suites provides hot buffet breakfast, which was pretty nice. You like my Pacman waffe? (lol)

We picked some berries off one of the trees at the Suites, I think they're Mulberries?.. (lol) And look! Friendlies has an Ice Cream window! I never knew that! :D

Anyway, that was my relaxing mini vacay. It was the perfect recharge for this coming week.  Hope you had a great long weekend too!(: