Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring & Summer 2012 Trends!

Hi all!

MY FINALS ARE OVER! Yayyyyyyyyy! (lol) Anyway, since it's the middle of Spring and almost Summer, I wanted to share a few fashion trends I've been seeing a lot lately. 

Pastel colors! Ooooooh I love pastel colors!(: This year, 'mint' is very popular and I'm not surprised because that color is just lovely.

Rose Gold Accessories! A nice rose gold watch is a simple, but great accessory this Spring/Summer. This color will be a pretty match with pastels ^.^

Summer 2012 Trends: Rose Gold Accessories

Summer 2012 Trends: Rose Gold Accessories by bellaevey featuring rose gold earrings

Crossbody bags are perfect for Summer! They're lighter and can match any outfit. Great for trips or a day out
Summer 2012 Trends: Crossbody bags

Spring and Summer can be really hot, so jewelry can get tricky. If something is too chunky and big, it can feel heavy and icky. So I love wearing dainty jewelry and stud earrings because they're much lighter and very cute!

Summer 2012 Trends: Dainty Jewelry

Last, but not least ANIMAL PRINTS! I've been seeing this around lately, especially Cheetah print. Animal prints can look really nice with pastel colors; it gives that pop of boldness. I usually wear casual chic outfits, but have one piece of bold accessory(:

Summer 2012 Trends: Animal Prints

Since I only have work now, I have a little more free time. So I'll be doing some shopping soon! YAYYYY :D (lol) I'll definitely have items in my wardrobe following these trends, but I'll be adding a few of my own because... Trends are for inspiration! So my girlies, be a trend-setter and inspire others! (^.~)

I didn't mention this in the list of trends above, but Maxi dresses are very popular this year too. Except I'm kind of on the shorter side, so I don't think they look great on me :/. If you girls have any ideas on how to wear them, leave me a Rawrr! Thanks(;


  1. mint is my favorite summer color!! thank u so much for sharing these beautiful inspirations!

    1. I'm really loving mint for Summer too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!(:
      Rawrs, Evey

  2. cute!!!