Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Monday!

Hi all!

So over the weekend, I went with a few friends to watch The Avengers. And let me tell you... THAT. MOVIE. WAS. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (lol) As you can probably tell, I loved it. All of these amazing actors/actresses (and good-looking! I mean did you see Chris Evan's muscles?!!! And yay! ScarJo!<3) casted by one of the most amazing directors in one of the best Marvel comics ever on a giant screen with surround sound and special effects? What's not to love?!

At first I was a little iffy about the twist they put to it, but in the end, I learned to enjoy it. The movie was extremely funny and witty. More than once throughout the movie, the whole audience laughed out loud, cheered, and clapped enthusiastically. Minus the crying baby behind me (which is not the movie's fault obviously, and who the heck brings a baby to the movies???!!!! have some respect.. geez -smh-), the movie was absolutely AMAZING. It's been a little while since a movie this awesome came out in theatres. 

This movie is a MUST SEE in theatres (in IMAX, if possible, but not 3D). I give it a 6/5 for its awesomeness! (lol) I think I just might go watch it a second time, because its just that awesome. (Note: I very rarely do that and would only for super awesome movies. The only other time I did that was for Lion King in 3D. Man, did that bring back great childhood memories! lol) I HIGHLY recommend watching the Marvel comics movie FIRST, so you can enjoy the original goodness and then see how they evolved the story in the new one. You will definitely be blown awayyyyyy :D! (How many times did I say 'awesome'? haha)

Until next time!

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