Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Mani: Sparkly Halfsies!

Hi all!

Since a new week is beginning, it is time for a little manicure! (lol) I have never ever paid for a manicure before because I mostly do them myself and on the rare occasion, a friend would do them for me. I find no reason to pay someone to do my nails because I love doing my own nails. I get to do whatever design I want to and I can "practice my skills" (haha). So here it is; this week I went for a purple and silver sparkles^^.

 I call it Sparkly Halfsies! Enjoy!

After I wiped off my previous polish (I just used regular nail polish remover you can find in drugstores like Duane Reade or CVS), clipped, and filed my nails to the length I wanted. I started with an easy base coat -- Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat.

 I absolutely love this polish. It's a little bit more expensive than most (I think about $7?), but it was definitely worth the purchase because my nail polish looks a lot better, it stays on longer as well, but it's not too hard to wipe off.

Next, I used a medium purple color (C08) from the Japanese company, DHC that my aunt bought me from Hong Kong.

 I really like this color because one, I love purple and two, this color isn't too light or too dark.

 I put on one coat first, let it mostly dry and then do a second coat. This way the polish will stay longer on my nails.

 The last polish I used was this clear one with glitter and sparkles. It is also from DHC, code C13.

 The reason why I called this 'Sparkly Halfsies' is because I only put the glitter polish on a little more than half of each nail. I always leave each layer to dry before continuing to the next layer so that the polishes don't mix and my nails would dry faster in general. After the glitter layer dried, I put on the last coat -- a nice covering of top coat. I always make sure to cover the edge of my nails as well so they don't chip so easily.

 That's all for this Sunday's manicure! I hope you enjoyed & thanks for stopping by ^.^!

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&& Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there~

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